brainfuck.NET is a Python-Powered compiler that will take a brainfuck program and generate a managed .NET executable. Finally C# has met its master! Finally you can do complex ASP.NET-Webshops in the only language suited for such crap, brainfuck!


To compile brainfuck.NET programs, you need the .NET Framework SDK, and more specifically the ILASM.EXE tool.

How does it work

The small compiler generates MSIL ("Microsoft Intermediate Language") assembler code, that is then translated to bytecode using the ILASM.EXE tool. The resulting .EXE runs as a normal, managed application in the .NET Environment.


None. This is freeware, enjoy!


Download the compiler (requires Python).

Prior art

Unfortunately, brainfuck.NET is not the first esoteric language for .NET - Simon Harris had the same idea earlier.