Unary Functions

The following unary functions (=functions of one operand = f(x)) are built in:

Function Definition
acos(x)arc-cosine of (x)
acosh(x)hyperbolic arc-cosine of (x)
ai(x)Airy function AI on (x)
asin(x)arc-sine of (x)
asinh(x)hyperbolic arc-sine of (x)
atan(x)arc-tangent of (x)
atanh(x)hyperbolic arc-tangent of (x)
cbrt(x)cubic root of (x)
cos(x)cosine of (x)
cosh(x)hyperbolic tangent of (x)
cot(x)cotangent of (x)
coth(x)hyperbolic cotangent of (x)
csc(x)cosecant of (x)
csch(x)hyperbolic cosecant of (x)
eint(x)exponential integral of (x)
erf(x)error function on (x)
erfc(x)complementary error function on (x)
exp(x)exponential of (x)
exp2(x)2 power of (x)
exp10(x)10 power of (x)
expm1(x)exponential of (x-1)
float(x)cast (x) as float
gamma(x)Gamma function on (x)
lngamma(x)logarithm of the Gamma function of (x)
digamma(x)Digamma (Psi) function on (x)
int(x)cast (x) as integer
j0(x)first kind Bessel function of order 0 on (x)
j1(x)first kind Bessel function of order 1 on (x)
li2(x)dilogarithm of (x)
log(x)natural logarithm of (x)
log2(x)logarithm base 2 of (x)
log10(x)logarithm base 10 of (x)
log1p(x)logarithm of (1+x)
sec(x)secant of (x)
sech(x)hyperbolic secant of (x)
sin(x)sine of (x)
sqrt(x)square root of (x)
sinh(x)hyperbolic sine of (x)
tan(x)tangent of (x)
tanh(x)hyperbolic tangent of (x)
y0(x)second kind Bessel function of order 0 on (x)
y1(x)second kind Bessel function of order 1 on (x)
zeta(x)Riemann Zeta function on (x)

Binary Functions

The following binary functions (=functions of two operands = f(x,y)) are built in:

Function Definition
gcd(x,y)greatest common denominator of (x,y)

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