Calculating pi to an arbitrary number of digits

Obfuscated Objective-C? Although some have said it couldn't be done, notable security experts viaforensics have pointed out that Obfuscated Objective-C is actually a good practice.. Being bored with your everyday, run of the mill type of Objective-C with all its pesky readbility, I decided to try my hands at an old favourite of mine: Calculating Pi to an arbitary number of digits.

And here are the results:

For your reference: I have versions in C#, C/C++, Java and Python as well.

All in plain, well-documented Objective-C. You can download the whole set of files including the XCode project here. If you are bored, I invite you to read the code and learn to appreciate that there is nothing too hard for a dedicated code obfuscator. Enjoy!