Programming Languages

These pages contains several more or less serious programming languages I have written:

Java2KThe only truly stochastic programming language in the world. The updated version now features OPP support.
Sorted!One of the best programming languages I have ever written, and it is even bilingual ! The updated version now features OPP support.
SMITH#Is to SMITH, what C# is to C (well, at least the basic idea is the same). The updated version now features OPP support.
i®™the language inspired by my reading of Code Complete 2, a book about coding excellence from Microsoft.
brainfuckA ton of brainfuck-related resources
UNBABTIZEDhas no name
SON-OF-UNBABTIZEDHas no name and is totally unrelated to UNBABTIZED. What more can you ask of a programming language?
JUSTIF & RECURSIONA language where the program logic consists only of ?: and recursion.

The Great Python Language ZooThe GPLZ is a bunch of loosely related programming languages, all implemented in python and all using the same internal code representation.
TMMLPTEALPAITAFNFALIs an acronym that stands for The Multi-Million Language Project To End All Language Projects And Isn't That A Fine Name For A Language, including, of course, OPP support. Actually, its a new language for every day of the year :)
OPPOPP is a preprocessor that is much more powerfull than the C standard preprocessor, and it can be added to any language. All languages you will find on this page feature OPP, so there is really no way out of it.
[]Is a language that was designed specifically for use with the esolang mailing list. Most mails on the list seem to use multiple brackets in each header, following a convention nobody ever wanted. This inspired me to create a programming language that uses only brackets (square, round, curly, and edgy ones ;), a programming language that nobody ever wanted.  Of course, the language has OPP support.
ENHADINUMSThe number format for the 21234.335st century