GPLZ - The Great Python Language Zoo

GPLZ is a bunch of loosely related programming languages, all implemented in python and all using the same internal code representation. It was designed to make it easy to include new input methods. Currently, the following languages are implemented


You can download the whole gplz package in a zipped archive here.

Using the interpreter

GPLZ has basically two modes of operation - it can be used to either run files in a given syntax, or convert from one syntax to another. To run a file, you simply give its name as argument:

C:\Python20\gplz> fibonacci.easy

will, for example, print the first 20 fibonacci numbers from a sourcecode written in the easy syntax. If you specify a second filename, gplz will translate the file to the given syntax. For example, to generate a directory tree that calculates the first 20 fibonacci numbers, you'd write 

C:\Python20\gplz> fibonacci.easy fibonacci./

Note that for files in ". ", you'll need to enclose the filename in brackets.