I'm on a dial-up internet connection with little or no spam checking for my mail inbox. So, I wrote pop3filter, a small python script that filters the POP3 communication between "localhost" and your provider. Currently, it has these features:

Planned features include

For more information, please read the manual.


PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT TAGS EMAIL IT CONSIDERS SPAM. It might mark perfectly legal mails as spam. If pop3filter marks a mail as spam, that does not mean it is spam, it only means that pop3filter thinks so, and as we all know computers cannot think.


For Windows NT/2000/XP, you can download an installer with compiled binary (ie you don't need to have python installed) that will run as a NT Service. Instructions:

For Linux, there is a simple shell-script version that works, too. Instructions:


License and Copyright

Starting with version 0.3, this is BSD-licensed. It used to be freeware from the start, but now the license junkies have their say.