This tool locates duplicates files in a directory (or directory tree), and optionally allows to delete them.


C:\...\>ddupe.exe /?
ddupe - Version 4.0
Freeware written by Gerson Kurz (http://p-nand-q.com)

    /RECURSIVE: search directories recursively
       /RENAME: rename files in MD5 format
        /CACHE: cache file name
       /DELETE: delete files (default: list only)
      /MINSIZE: minimum size for files
     DIR {DIR}: one or more directories to search

For example, to list all duplicate images in your pictures folder, try:

C:\...\> ddupe /RECURSIVE "%HOMEPATH%\Pictures"

which would list all duplicate pictures you have. If you combine that with /DELETE, it will remove them, without warning, so know what you're doing!

You can cache MD5 values using the /CACHE filename argument. On the first run, the database will be created; it will be updated as new MD5 hashes are calculated.

If you don't care about filenames (for example because the filenames are generated anyway), you can use the /RENAME option. If a MD5 is calculated for a filename, it is renamed like so:

{...(MD5 sum here)...}original filename

This means that no database lookup is required to calculate the hash: it is already known from looking at the filename.



ddupe is freeware, BSD-licensed.


GK, Feb 16, 2014