The Split3PM History

Version 1.5

A great new feature: "sliced" mp3s. What this means: split3pm generates a new mp3, that contains the first 10 seconds of every two-minute block in a mp3. If you have a large MP3 dj set (and I mean, like, a several hours long live set), and you want to locate a song, scrolling in winamp can be a PITA. With this feature you can locate the track and calculate at which position in the original file it is. Use -@ rather than specifiying a time limit for this feature.

Version 1.4

Bugfix of - uhm, I forgot ;)

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

Split3PM is now is Open Source, and features direct command line arguments (no need to give a script if you just want a specific piece)

Older Versions:

Version 1.1 now has been tested against 128kbit, 160kbit and 192kbit rates (those that I use), and - believe it or not - it works.

Version 1.0 was seriously broken.