Java2K - The History

Changes from 0.0.1900 (chair) to 7.3 PRE-GAMMA

Changes from 0.0.41 to 0.0.1900 (chair)

Changes from 0.0.1 to 0.0.41

Changes from 0.0.1 Release Candidate to 0.0.1 [Final Version]

Changes from 0.0.1 Beta to 0.0.1 Release Candidate.

Note:Looking back from 0.0.41 to that old version released about one week ago, I must say that I was a bit confused back then. I still am, but that is beside the point: I was confused as to the fundamental language design. It is not easy to top normal Java, and now that Java2 is out, I was under immense pressure to come up with some buzzwords (multi-threaded, instruction pointer, INTERCAL preprocessor) and stuff.

So, I suggest you read this as a blast from the past: