SMITH# history

SMITH is an acronym that stands for "Self Modifying Indecent Turing Hack" and seems to have been developed by Chris Pressey, Cat's-Eye Technologies. When I first had the idea of this language, I wanted to name it STRAIGHT (and I even would have a song for it - the famous "The beat just goes STRAIGHT on and on" by french masters Perry and Rhodan. How many computer languages can say they have their own song ? ["I'm dreaming of a white Fortran77"]) but then I found out that SMITH has historical priority, so I named it to SMITH#

SMITH# Version 1.3

SMITH# Version 1.2

Added OPP support.

SMITH# Version 1.1

Added new features: Fixed some bugs:

SMITH# Version 1.0

First public release.